Sax Rohmer's Brood of the Witch-Queen

Updated: 7 March 2003
Brood of the Witch Queen first ran as a nine part serial in the British Premier Magazine from May 1914 (the first issue) to January, 1915.   Details of its various other magazine appearances in The Canadian Magaine, Short Stories, Munsey's Magazine, The Illustrated Detective Magazine, and Famous Fantastic Mysteries are available here.

1918. London: C. Arthur Pearson.
    Small 8vo. 212 pages. 1s6d.
    British First Edition.

2nd Edition [May]   1918.
3rd Edition 1923
4th Edition [Jan]   1926
   (Crown 8vo Edition, 2s6d)
5th Edition 1927
6th Edition 1933
7th Edition [Apr]   1936
   (New Crown 8vo Edition, 2s6d)

   The Pearson first edition is a small, thin book bound in dark olive green with colorless embossing, and printed on cheap paper.   The 4th Edition is standard size, bound in blue cloth with gold printing on the spine.   The 7th Edition is bound in light orange cloth with black printing on the spine.

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp
Dust jacket: Frank Wright

1924. New York: Doubleday, Page
   & Co. 8vo. 278 pages. $2.00.
   First U. S. Edition.
   Bound in green cloth with gold
   Dust jacket: same as the A. L. Burt
     jacket shown at right.
     Artist not identified.

[1926]. New York: A. L. Burt & Co.
   Printed from the Doubleday plates.

   Burt printings continued over a
   span of years. Copies are known in
   light green cloth and dark green
   cloth bindings, with black

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

[1930?]. McKinlay, Stone & Mackenzie.
   "Masterpieces of Oriental Mystery"    Printed from the Doubleday plates.
   Frontispiece: from Doubleday/Burt dust jacket, but in black and white, with
   the caption: "I could see nothing but just the face — and there was
   a tall plant beside it."

[1930s]. P. F. Collier & Son.
   "The Orient Edition"    Printed from the Doubleday plates.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries
     January 1951. Vol. 12, No. 2.
     Cover by Norman Saunders.

     This was a magazine appearance
   but is included here because it was
   complete in one issue. The text
   was shortened, slightly re-written,
   and divided into 9 chapters, by
   Mary Gnaedinger, the editor of
   Famous Fantastic Mysteries.

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

1966. New York: Pyramid Books,
   May. 190 pages. 50¢ #R-1314.


Cover: J. Lombardero

1971 [Oct]. London: Tom Stacey Ltd.
   Tall 8vo. 212 pages. £1.80
   Binding: brown boards.
   Dust jacket: title and author's name in black and white lettering
   on an orange background.   No illustration.

1976. London: Sphere Books Ltd. 
   188 pages. 60p. ISBN: 0 7221 7440 3
   The Dennis Wheatley Library of
   the Occult.
   Introduction by Dennis Wheatley.

   The book is "Copyright Mrs. 
   Elizabeth Sax Rohmer."

Copyright 1999-2003 Lawrence Knapp & R. E. Briney. All rights reserved.

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