The Emperor of America
 12 March 2004


November 5 through August 18, 1927. Serialized  in twelve stories.






1929. New York, The Crime Club. First U.S. edition
Later printing lacks the "First edition" statement

1929. London: Cassell.  First British edition
1931, August  Popular edition

New York: Burt, reprint.


193?   New York:  P. F. Collier & Son.

One of the titles in the "Orient" editions published in the 30's "By Special Arrangement with Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc." They were uniform in appearance with a design blind-stamped into each cover. The design depicted an oriental face centered in a spider's web with the words "Mystery," "Love" and "Intrique." A spider dangled from the web.

1977. Mattituck, New York: Aeonian Imprint.  ISBN:0-89190-805-6.

300 copies. Dark green cloth.

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