Sax Rohmer's The Green Eyes of Bast

Last update: January 21, 2000

     "The Green Eyes of Bast" was first published as a 6-part serial in Detective Story Magazine from March 16 to April 20, 1920.   In Britain it appeared in 9 parts in The Premier Magazine, 26 March - 16 July 1920.
    The February 13, 1938 issue of the Empire News, Manchester, England, contained an account by Rohmer of how he came to write the story, in the third of twelve installments of the "Pipe Dreams" series, titled "Dancing Girl of Egypt / The Green Eyes of Bast".
    [It should be noted that in most British editions "Bāst" is spelled with the circumflex accent, while in most U.S. editions the accent is omitted.   The Pyramid paperback uses the accent inside the book but not on the cover.]

From the collection of R. E. Briney
Artist unknown

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp
Grosset & Dunlap
Artist: Russel Crofoot

London: Cassell & Co., June 1920, 314 pages, 8s6d
First Edition June 1920 314 pp. 8/6
(reprint) Sept 1920
2/- Net Edition
  cover: dark blue-green
Mar 1922 242 pp. 2/-
Popular Edition
  "Cassell's Half-Crown Fiction"
  cover: brown
Mar 1924 306 pp. 2/6
Popular Edition (2nd impression)
  cover: dark red
306 pp. 2/6
  cover: gray
Jan 1926 306 pp.
(reprint)   cover: salmon Feb 1928 306 pp.
Cassell's Shilling Novels
  cover: black with gold design
Mar 1931 317 pp. 1/-
(reprint) July 1931 317 pp. 1/-

New York: R. M. McBride & Co., Sept 1920, 311 pages, $2.00
cover: light green with dark green lettering.

New York: McKinlay, Stone & Mackenzie, n.d. [1923]
[Reprinted from the McBride Plates.]
Frontpiece by Walter De Maris.

This is a volume from the matched set of Rohmer titles sold by mail order through magazine advertisements.

At least two variant printings are known. One has the book title on the flyleaf, Copyright 1920" at the top of the copyright page, and the name "Gatton" misspelled "Galton" in the frontpiece caption. The other variant has a blank flyleaf, "Copyright 1920" in the middle of the copyright page, and the spelling of "Gatton" is correct.

A copy of an MSM edition is known with the following inscription on the flyleaf:

"The Green Eyes of Bast" from the cock-eyes of Rohmer
With love--Sax Rohmer   July 5, 1926

New York: A. L. Burt, n.d. [1922]. [Reprinted from the McBride plates]
At least two variant printings are known: one with the cover in tan cloth and one with
green cloth.

New York: Grosset & Dunlap, October 1938, 75¢ 
[Reprinted from the McBride plates]
cover: light green with dark green type.

The flyleaf states "Copyright 1920" but this edition was printed in 1938.
" The issuance of this new edition at a reduced price is made possible by (a) use of the same plates made for the original edition: (b) acceptance by the author of a reduced royalty." -- dustjacket

New York: Pyramid, February 1971. T-2414

Cover: J. Lombardero

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

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