Serial Episodes of The Si-Fan Mysteries

Chums 29 November 1924  Page i of the insert
(from The Rohmer Review No. 15 September 1976)

  The Story-Teller Collier's Chums
Chums (monthly)
The Flower of Silence Sep 1916 8 Apr 1916   29 Nov 1924
(n 1681)
 Jan 1925
Zarmi of the Joy-Shop Oct 1916   13 May 1916* 6 Dec 1924
(n 1682)
Golden Pomegranates Nov 1916 24 Jun 1916* 13 Dec 1924
(n 1683)
Queen of Hearts1 Dec 1916 25 Nov 1916* 20 Dec 1924
(n 1684)
 Feb 1925
The Zagazig Cryptogram2 Feb 1917 6 Jan 1917   27 Dec 1924
(n 1685)
The House of Hashish Mar 1917 17 Feb 1917 3 Jan 1925
(n 1686)
Ki-Ming May 1917 3 Mar 1917* 10 Jan 1925
(n 1687)
Shrine of the Seven Lamps1 Nov 1917 21 Apr 1917* 17 Jan 1925
(n 1688)
Mar 1925
The Black Chapel Dec 1917   2 Jun 1917*   24 Jan 1925 3
(n 1689)

The series title was "The Si-Fan Mysteries" in all its serializations.

1 An initial "The" is added to the title and in the case of Shrine, the second "the" is dropped: "The Shrine of Seven Lamps."

2 "The Zagazig Cryptogram" was the subject  of "ZAGAZIG,"an article by Jeffrey N. Weiss,  in The Rohmer Review n 4.  His analysis sparked two responses that appeared  in The Rohmer Review n 5: "The Zagazig Code" by Evelyn Herzog and "Zagazig Revisited" by Julian L. Biggers.

3 The Chums episode was titled "A Story of Greywater Park" instead of "The Black Chapel."

The Collier's episodes marked * did not carry the series title.

Chums was a weekly British boys' paper; groups of 4 or 5 consecutive issues were bound together (with a new cover) and reissued monthly. The year's issues were also released in an annual bound volume. Serial installments were printed in an 8-page center section of each weekly issue, paginated separately (with Roman numerals) from the rest of the issue. These serial inserts  were included in the monthly reprints, but were generally omitted from the annual bound volumes.

In the Chums reprint of The Si-Fan Mysteries, the second episode carried only the series titles, not the story title, "Zarmi of the Joy-Shop."

Books: (Br.) The Si-Fan Mysteries, 3 May 1917;
(U.S.) The Hand of Fu-Manchu, May 1917

Based on "The Early Chronicles of Fu-Manchu" in The Rohmer Review, No. 15, September 1976.
Compiled by R. E. Briney  Copyright 1976, 1998 R. E. Briney

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