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From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

Brood of the Witch Queen (1918) first ran as a nine part serial in Premier Magazine from May 1914 (the 1st issue)  to January, 1915.  This advertisement for the 2nd issue ran in the Penny Pictorial. Vol. LX No. 780, 9 May 1914, page 418. It was reproduced in The Rohmer Review No. 8.

In June 1914, it began as an eight part serial in The Canadian Magazine.  This series also concluded in January 1915.  In this serial, the episode corresponding to Chapters 4-6 of the book was omitted. The first seven installments were numbered consecutively I through VII, but the final episode was numbered IX rather than VIII.


The first of three installments covering the first ten chapters ran in Short Stories beginning in July 1914. The second and third installments were published in August and September.

Nine years later, Munsey's picked up with chapters 11 to 31 which were published as six titles in three issues.

The correspondence between serial installments and book chapters is not uniform in all four of these serializations, and there are minor textual differences among the versions.


  The Premier Magazine The Canadian Magazine Short Stories Munsey's Magazine [as It Came Out of Egypt]
I. The Ring of Thoth
(Ch. 1-3)
II. The Rustling Shadows
(Ch. 4-6)
[Ch. 4-6 omitted] August 1914
as The Shadow-Shapes
III. The Curse of Dhoon
(Ch. 7-10)
September 1914
as The Curse of the House of Dhoon
IV. The Mask of Set
(Ch. 11-13)
  September 1923
V. The Lair of Spiders
(Ch. 14-16)
September 1914 September 1914
VI. The Bats of Meydum
(Ch. 17-19)
October 1923
VII. The Flowering of
the Lotus
(Ch. 20-24)
November 1914 November 1914
VIII. The Cord
(Ch.. 25-27)
December 1914 December 1914 November 1923
as The Silken Cord
The Book of Thoth
IX. The Elemental
(Ch. 28-31)

In 1933 the novel was published as a series of seven separate stories under the series title "The Witch's Son" in Mystery - The Illustrated Detective Magazine (although the series title was not used on all installments). The second, third, fourth, and fifth stories were drastically rewritten and somewhat condensed from the "standard" version of the text.

The Invisible Strangler Ch. 1-3 March 1933
The Sinister Perils of Myra Ch. 4-6 April 1933
Satan's Son Ch. 7-10 May 1933
The Witch Queen Ch. 11-15 July 1933
The Devil's Brood Ch. 16-19 August 1933
The Sacred Lotus Ch. 20-24 September 1933
Death of a Mummy Ch. 25-31 October 1933


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Finally, the novel was reprinted in the January 1951 issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries in a somewhat condensed and rewritten version prepared by the magazine's editor, Mary Gnaedinger.

This version was subdivided into 9 chapters, corresponding to the original nine serial installments, rather than using the book's 31 chapters.

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