Magazine Publication of The Black Mandarin

"The Black Mandarin" was serialized in three issues of Collier's and three issues of The Penny Pictorial Magazine. It also ran in its entirty in the Illustrated London News and Star Novels Quarterly. It was later included in both the British and U.S. editions of Tales of East and West (BOOK).

  Collier's Illustrated London News Penny Pictorial Star Novels Quarterly
Part I 4 November 1922
Christmas Number
1 December
1932 (v1#3).
Part II 11 November 1922
8 December
Part III 18 November 1922
15 December

The background image for the Page of Fu Manchu is adapted from the original Sax Rohmer drawing in "The Black Mandarin."  The drawing also appeared on the back cover of The Rohmer Review  No. 4 and the cover of  The Rohmer Review  No. 17.

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Sax Rohmer's scarab

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