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This website is not intended to duplicate or replace the Handbook of Technical Writing, materials distributed in class, or class lectures and demonstrations. It is a constantly changing supplement to the materials provided or required by the college. In general, it represents my response to questions and suggestions from students.

Last updated November 11, 2000

Computer Viruses

I receive email with file attachements from a large number of students in all parts of the world. As a result, I am a perfect vector for computer viruses. If I get an undetected virus, I may spread it to other students. I use the McAfee VirusScan and VShield programs and update them frequently.  I have avoided quite a few viruses. On at least one occassion, however, a very new virus got through. As a result, I urge all students to obtain and run their own virus protection software. Whether you have your own or not, I also strongly suggest use of McAfee's free VirusScan Online. It  will clean your hard drive of even the most recent viruses.


Brusaw, Charles T. and others. Handbook of Technical Writing. New York: St. Martins Press, 2000.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Notes on the Assignments

Writing Assignment 1 -- Résumé and Application Letter

Useful Web Sites

And finally . . .

How to get the "é" in résumé

  1. While your letter or résumé is open in WORD, click on Insert to get the pull-down menu.
  2. Click on Symbol...
  3. Look for the symbol or character you want
  4. If you don't see it, use the pulldown menu to select a different set of symbols
  5. Once you have found and highlighted the character you want, click the Insert button at the bottom.
  6. Click the Close button to return to your work.

How to print an envelope:

  1. While your letter or résumé is open in WORD, click on Tools to get the pull-down menu.
  2. Click on Envelopes and Labels...
  3. Type the address you are sending the letter to in the top box labeled "Delivery address."
  4. Type your name and address in the bottom "Return address" box.
  5. If the printer is properly configured there will be a picture in the lower right hand corner illustrating how you must insert the blank business envelope into the printer's manual feed. Some of the printers also have a picture and directions on the printer itself. If other students are in the lab, ask them NOT to print anything until your envelope is printed.
  6. Load your blank envelop.
  7. Return to your computer and click on the "Print" button. 
  8. Get your finished envelope. In some labs, you may have to follow additional steps outlined on the printer.

Writing Assignment 6 -- Formal Report on Your Career

Where to Get the Information

The assignment requires that you use both the library and the Internet to find your sources.  It is a good idea to put bibliographic material in the correct MLA format as early as possible. This allows you to correct or add material while the items are at hand. If you wait until you are completing the report, you might be missing specific information you forgot to get such as a journal's volume number, for example.

The Modern Language Association and "MLA Style"

Honolulu Community College lists other useful sites for MLA information and examples.

Useful Search Sites

Use these sites to search for information.

+"job description" +"graphic designer"

Other useful search sites:


FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

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