The Fu Manchu Omnibus series
from  Allison & Busby  Ltd. 

Allison & Busby 's decision to re-issue all the Fu Manchu books was a very pleasant surprise. For years, when I would insidiously introduce new readers to Fu Manchu, they would begin to collect the books. The first titles were always easy, but getting them all, at a reasonable price, was a real challenge. Thank you Allison & Busby.

The brief plot summaries provided by Allison & Busby are also excellent. They are, as intended, tantalizing for new readers, but they are equally capable of jarring the memory of old fans who will doubtless feel it's time to read them again.

Sax Rohmer. The Fu Manchu Omnibus. Volume 1, 1996.

The Mystery of Fu Manchu: Sir Crichton Davey lies Dead. Under the sleeve of his smoking jacket, among the tracks of cocaine needles, is a red mark like the imprint of painted lips -- the deadly Zayat Kiss. The power of Fu Manchu is far reaching and only his arch enemy, Nayland Smith, and his trusted companion, Dr. Petrie, can combat this evil genious of the Orient.

The Devil Doctor: The Reverend Eltham returns to England with the name of a secret correspondent in China. He is followed by the malevolent Fu Manchu, who is willing to use all his diabolical powers to get this information -- but Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie are there to thwart him.

The Si-Fan Mysteries: The murder of Sir Gregory Hale, home from India with a vital message for Nayland Smith, sets Smith and Dr. Petrie once more on the track of the evil doctor, leading to the unravelling of a malignant and fantastic plot to dominate the world.

Sax Rohmer. The Fu Manchu Omnibus. Volume 2, June 1997.

The Daughter of Fu Manchu: Sir Lionel Barton, the great Orientalist, is dead. Or is he? Why does Fu Manchu come out of retirement to confront his daughter and will he really side with his arch enemy Nayland Smith against her?

The Mask of Fu Manchu:  Dr Van Berg has been stabbed to the heart from behind whilst defending a green box. Why? What is the connection between his murder and Fu Manchu's wedding gift to Shah Greville's bride?

Fu Manchu's Bride: What has a lone girl sitting on a beach at Ste Claire de la Roche have to do with Fu Manchu an Dr Petrie, amiable assistant to Sir Nayland Smith? Is there a connection with the epidemic of sleeping sickness which is sweeping the Riviera? 

Sax Rohmer. The Fu Manchu Omnibus. Volume 3, May 1998.

omni3.GIF (9894 bytes)The Trail of Fu Manchu: It was the great fog of 1935 -- the worst in living memory. Visibility was nil. P. C. Ireland was guarding Professor Ambroso, No one is to enter or leave the house. Heavy breathing and a vague shuffling sound alerted the constable. He raised his lantern and sprang towards the sound. He had a glimpse of -- something. It rather shook him. It might have been a crouching man, or it might have been an animal. The queer shape sprang aside and was lost in the fog. Then came a muffled scream -- the voice of a woman. 'Help! For God's sake help me!' A hurried call to Wandsworth police station and soon ex-Assistant Commissioner Sir Denis Nayland Smith is on the trail of Fu Manchu.

President Fu Manchu: America is seeking a new president. An outside organization is trying to gain control of the country, placing the United States under the domination of some shadowy being, unamed, who apparently controls inexhaustible supplies not only of capital but also of men. Federal Agent 56, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, knows who that being is. His old enemy Dr. Fu Manchu. He, for one, is determined that Fu Manchu will not be the next American president.

Re-Enter Fu Manchu: It was a 'go anywhere, do anything' advertisement that attrcted Brian Merrick like a moth to a flame. It launched him on a mission that was to take him from London to Cairo and then to a penthouse in New York. It involved, too, Sir Nayland Smith -- but a strange, nervous Nayland Smith . . . What Merrick did not know was that he was an important cog in a diabolical plan to rule the world. A plan so ingenious, and so evil, that only one man could be its originator -- Dr. Fu Manchu.

Sax Rohmer. The Fu Manchu Omnibus. Volume 4, (November 1999).

The Drums of Fu Manchu: The sound of the drums carries a warning to fourteen world leaders who stand in the way of Fu Manchu’s desire for world domination: surrender to his schemes, or die at the hands of his secret army. Even Nayland Smith has been marked for death by the beating of the drums…

Shadow of Fu Manchu: The devil doctor plots to control the greatest weapon ever created – a weapon which dwarfs the power of the atomic bomb and which Nayland Smith must, at all costs, keep from falling into the hands of the most dangerous man in the world.

Emperor Fu Manchu: No one in the Western world could be sure what lay behind the Bamboo Curtain, in the remote province of Szechuan. Only Nayland Smith suspects that the mysterious Master whom it hides, the true power behind Communist China, is in fact his old enemy, in a new disguise. His young undercover agent, Tony McKay, must enter Fu Manchu’s domain to penetrate the veil of secrecy.

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