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"Why touch upon such themes? perhaps some friend
May ask, incredulous; and to what good end?
Why drag again into the light of day
The errors of an age long passed away?
I answer: For the lesson that they teach;
The tolerance of opinion and of speech."--Longfellow


Prefatory Notice: In Presenting to the Public the Author of PAUSE!

Part I: Hypotheses

He That Hath Eyes
A Grain of Dust
Holy Fire

Part II: Theorem

Tumuli and Roses
Feet of Clay
The Bronze Mirror (from a French manuscript)

Part III: Parables

The Spirit Visible
Under the Cloak
Pan and the Pagan
The Socialist
What Is, Is

Drawn by Sax Rohmer and used in "The Black Mandarin."

Copyright 1997-2005 Lawrence Knapp. All rights reserved.