Sax Rohmer's The Quest of the Sacred Slipper

12 April 2010

1913-1914. "Hassan of Aleppo, The Quest of the Sacred Slipper." Short Stories. November 1913 through June 1914.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the serial carried the overall title "Hassan of Aleppo, The Quest of the Sacred Slipper."  From Part 4 onward, the running title was just "The Quest of the Sacred Slipper."

1919. London: C. Arthur Pearson.
1925 New Crown8vo Edition
1926 Reprinted

Book publication was delayed until six years after the magazine serialization. The Pearson editions included the short story, "Red Mist," as a bonus.

1919. New York: Doubleday.

The Doubleday first edition appeared in 1919, but carried no copyright notice except the original magazine dates.

From the collection of Ian Fraser

1921+. New York: A. L. Burt.  The Burt editions used the same dust jacket as the Doubleday editions.

There were at least four different Burt printings with different text on the copyright pages.

1923. New York: McKinlay, Stone & Mackenzie. 

One of the titles in the first series of "Masterpieces of Oriental Mystery: 11 Volumes of Matchless Thrills by Sax Rohmer."

1924. Published as a serial: "The Sacred Quest." The P. M.  February 2, 1924 to March 22, 1924

1926. Published as a serial: "The Quest of the Sacred Slipper." Pearson's Weekly August 28,1926 to October 16, 1926.

1939. New York Caxton House.

The Caxton House edition was curious in that it was the fourth use of Gerard C. Delano's quintessential "yellow peril" artwork.

The art had earlier appeared on the 1933 Tales of East and West, the Midsummer 1932 Star Novels Magazine, and the March 1931 cover of Star Magazine.

The four covers.


From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

1966. New York: Pyramid, April. R-1313.

Cover: J. Lombardero

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Drawn by Sax Rohmer and used in "The Black Mandarin."

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