The Golden Scorpion

July 26, 2000

First published in The Illustrated London News, Christmas Number, 1918

"Complete Sax Rohmer's Novel The Golden Scorpion"

From the collection of Robert E. Briney

This is a remarkable presentation: color cover and 30 illustrations by R. Caton Woodville.  All of the illustrations are substantial (no small vignettes), and some are full-page (9 x 12 inches or larger).  All are in sepia-tone rotogravure. The versions used as plates in some of the hard-cover editions of the book are only a pale hint of the magazine originals.

From the collection of Robert E. Briney   From the collection of Robert E. Briney


1919. London: Methuen, October 16. First British edition.

Second Edition. June 1920.
Third and Cheaper edition.(Fcap 8vo)
     March 1921.
Fourth Edition (Fcap 8vo, Cheap Form)
     March 1922.
Fifth Edition. (Crown 8vo, Cheap Form)
     November 1924.
Sixth Edition. (Crown 8vo, Cheap Form)
     June 1925.
Seventh Edition. (Crown 8vo, Cheap Form)
     April 1927.
Eighth Edition. (Fcap 8vo, Cheap Form)
     May 1927.
Ninth Edition. (Crown 8vo, Cheap Form)
     April 1928.
Tenth Edition. (Crown 8vo, Cheap Form)
     November 1931.
Eleventh Edition. (Fcap 8vo, Cheap Form)
     August 1932.
Twelfth Edition. (Crown 8vo, Cheap Form)
     April 1935.
Thirteenth Edition. (Fcap 8vo, Cheap Form)

From the collection of Robert E. Briney

Artist: Frank Wright

1919. London: Cassel.

1920. New York: McBride. First American edition.

N.D. New York: Burt.
     (Same dustjacket)

N.D. New York: Grosset & Dunlap

Both the Burt and Grosset & Dunlap reprints used the McBride, first edition plates.

Crofoot's original painting for SCORPION was included in an auction of   Illustration Art by Illustration House in New York on November 6, 1999 and pictured in the auction catalog.  The catalog illustration shows that the lettering was included in Crofoot's painting rather than being added separately.  According to the "Prices Realized" list for that auction, the painting sold for $4,400.

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

Artist: Russel Crofoot

1920. The [Boston] Sunday Globe Magazine serialized The Golden Scorpion in seven weekly installments.   [Reported by Victor A. Berch.]

no chapter designations [Chapter I - Chapter VI (part)] August 1, 1920
Chapter VI (conclusion) - Chapter IX (part) August 8, 1920
Chapter IX (conclusion) - Chapter XVI (part) August 15, 1920
Chapter XVI (conclusion) - Chapter XXI August 22, 1920
Chapter XXII - Chapter XXVIII (part) August 29, 1920
Chapter XXVIII (conclusion) - Chapter XXXI (part) September 5, 1920
Chapter XXXI (conclusion) - Chapter XXXVI September 12, 1920

1923. New York: McKinlay, Stone & Mackenzie. One of the titles in the first series of "Masterpieces of Oriental Mystery: 11 Volumes of Matchless Thrills by Sax Rohmer."

1938. New York: Grosset & Dunlap.

     Contains two novels: 
     The Golden Scorpion
and Dope

1942. New York: Novel Selections, Inc.

     Part of the "Thriller Novel Classic" series.


1966. New York: Pyamid R1315, June.

Cover: J. Lombardero


1972. London: Tom Stacey.

1996. New York: American Reprint.

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