Useful Writing Resources on the Web


OneLook Dictionaries - search up to 122 Internet dictionaries at once.

WWWebster - the dictionary at the Merriam Webster site.

Hypertext Webster Interface - an excellent searchable dictionary.

Acronyms and Abbreviations - To look up the meaning of an acronym or abbreviation just type it in the panel and press Enter or Return: case is not important. Do not type any punctuation, just the letters.

Biographical Dictionary - This dictionary contains biographical information about more than 18,000 people from ancient times to the present day.

Roget's Internet Thesaurus - the second most valuable book to a writer.

Other dictionaries - from Yahoo!


The FREE Internet Encyclopedia - an encyclopedia of web sites. Find your subject and it will link you to the appropriate site --anything from NASA to a museum in Europe or a school in Africa.

Reference Desk - is a gateway to resources that range from maps to dictionaries, biographies to weights & measures, calendars to documents. They are arranged by broad category.

Infomine - Internet Resource Collections.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - when you need the perfect quotation.

Other Encyclopedias - from Yahoo!

The Writing Center - at Information, advice and answers for a wide variety of writing situations.

Grammar, Usage and Style

The Elements of Style - Highly recommended! This is the classic and essential book written in 1918 by William Strunk Jr., a professor at Cornell.

11 Rules of Writing - This site is a concise guide to some of the most commonly violated rules of writing. It is intended for all writers as an aid in the learning and refining of writing skills.

"Handouts" - This site at Brigham Young University's Writing Center offers numerous individual pages with very pointed advice and examples covering a wide range of writing issues including many grammar issues and rules.

The Grammar Lady - Dr. Mary Bruder's site with a Handbook, Hotlines, and a place to ask questions.

Other usage and style sites - from Yahoo!

Citation Formats

MLA or APA - A useful discussion by Susan O'Toole and Cat Tinhof at Washington State University.

Amy Moran's Guide to MLA Documentation - "In this page, we have information on how to properly document research using the most recent edition of the MLA Handbook, 4th ed., 1995."

MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources - Designed to complement the existing MLA style guides, this style guide by Janice R. Walker at the University of South Florida is endorsed by the Alliance for Computers & Writing.

Citing Electronic Materials - with the New MLA Guidelines: How to cite electronic materials according to the new MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 4th ed.

APA Documentation Style - "The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association sets the documentation style not only for psychology but also the other behavioral and social sciences, as well as nursing, criminology, and personnel management." From the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin.

Electronic Sources: APA Style of Citation - Examples of many APA style entries with a special section of examples from electronic sources. From the Rochester Institute of Technology's Wallace Library.

Documenting Electronic Sources - A list of additional sources of examples for both the MLA and APA styles.


AltaVista - Find sites with any word, words, or phrases you specify.

Excite - a general-purpose Web search site delivering many relevant hits on simple single- and multiterm queries.

HotBot - a "crawler," HotBot combines a large database of full-text-indexed pages with a sophisticated user interface.

Yahoo! - generally accepted as the best Web directory. It provides a solid starting point for finding Web content.

Additional Links

Homework Heaven - A site dedicated to "Lightning Fast Homework & School Assignment Research." It lists hundreds of online libraries, maps, encyclopedias, dictionaries and thesauri.

If you find a useful site, please let me know so it can be shared with other students.

Dr. Lawrence Knapp

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