The Wrath of Fu Manchu

With the publication of The Wrath of Fu Manchu in 1973, all known Fu Manchu stories were published in book form. It included the three Fu Manchu stories previously published only in magazines: "The Eyes of Fu Manchu," "The Word of Fu Manchu" and "The Mind of Fu Manchu."

London: Tom Stacey Reprints, 1973.

 New York: DAW Books. March, 1976












The Jack Gaughan cover and a sketch of Fu Manchu for DAW Books

"The cover painting was by the well-known science fiction artist Jack Gaughan.  Jack also did the cover for the first Pyramid Books paperback of PRESIDENT FU MANCHU (as well as that great 'Fu Chin Chow' comic strip in TRR #13).  With regard to PRESIDENT FU, Jack once complained that it was the art director who forced him to put a mustache on Fu..." Robert E. Briney

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